I hate it when #2

Sand blowing on the Kelso Dunes, California.
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  1. I accidently break something and still have to clean it up.
  2. I run into my garage wall with my car.
  3. When you gotta go number 2 and your traveling in the Mojave desert section of Route 66.
  4. Someone puts the shredded cheese bag with literally two pieces of cheese, back in the fridge.
  5. Same goes for the pantry, 3 half broken chips left in a bag does not make a nice left over.
  6. When a diamond falls out of my brand new ring and  I can’t find it.
  7. When my kids try to talk in a foreign language and want me to participate so people think were from that country, adios.
  8. I brush my teeth then chew gum (tastes gross).
  9. Kids spill syrup on granite and you still find it, days later.
  10. When I walk clear across store to a price scanner just to find out it doesn’t work.