Dairy Queen-NOT! My, blast from the past.

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About 26 years ago, Dairy QueenBlizzards were born, and I was 13. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one and flip it over like the commercials slogan Upsidedownrightthick, my parents made a special trip to Dairy Queen just for the big event. We confidently ordered oreo blizzards all around, they flipped the blizzards upside down & gave them to us, YAY, I finally had mine, I thought! I was so fascinated by the flipping part of the chilly treat, as we’re leaving the parking lot, I decided to flip mine upside down (outside the car window), it can’t be that hard, right? There in slow motion, I watched in horror, my brand new-would have been deliciously devoured- Upsidedownrightthick, in one solid chunk, SPLAT onto the pavement, with out so much as a hint, of its oreo cookie delight on my lips!  That was a sad day in my life, it haunts me still…………….The happy ever after part, I can get Blizzards whenever I want, only problem now, I don’t have a metabolism of a 13 year old.