About Moi

Married twenty-one years to my best friend Ryan and mother of two deviously rotten young adults; Peyton our twenty-year-old Phi Mu  girl and Logan my eighteen-year-old wannabe pirate! We are proud Louisiana natives and adventure is our middle name, the more extreme the better.

Dorky things about me: I love to write fiction, read nonfiction, and all things Disney and I can sew just about anything! I love outdoors: running, mountain biking, photography. I’m extremely competitive in all aspects of my life, I love to play all sports or at least try. I hate to be wrong, and slow to forgive, I’m also bordering bizarre on the empathetic scale. I want to be YOUR Brand Ambassador and I very much enjoy Travel blogging/Vlogging. Traveling and writing are my ultimate passions and when I can combine both, it’s a fantastical ride.

Facebook:Dawn Gosdin

Twitter: @dawngosdin

Disboards.com: Logpey

Instagram: dawngosdin

Disney Podcast: Mousequestpodcast.com


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