I HATE it when #47


1. When I take a drink of what I think is diet coke & its sweet tea, its disgusting because I didn’t expect it, I expected diet coke.

2. When I see or accidentally touch anyone’s dried booger, and if it just so happens to be bloody ~gag me with a pitchfork.

3. Someone is determined to tailgate me & once they finally drive around me, magically they aren’t in a hurry anymore. Go slow-poke!

4. I’m playing Monopoly and someone else buys Park Place & Boardwalk, I want to quit right then & there! But I’m a survivor & I persevere.

5. I’m winning in a game of chess/checkers & my cat walks across the game board, game over.

6. I have a zit in my ear, close to my lip or in my nostril!

7. My son eats a million freezer pops & leaves the syrupy end he cut off on the kitchen countertop.

8. I find a dried up tail in my washing machine from either a lizard or a baby snake & not sure how it got in there. I’d rather find money. Weird..

9. When someone says “come on” to me and I’m in front of them…….No, you “come on!”

10. I make the mistake of saying out loud in front of my hubby “I’m so stupid” and he agrees.