What do the words-Morbid, Brownies & kids have in common?


While visiting the cemetery today, I shared my “Funeral” wishes with my teenagers. “When I croak, I want cremated & sprinkled in areas that are special to me.” (not legal-shh) My daughter was totally against the idea of me being cremated – a little shocked because she revels in torturing me here on earth/why not in death- just kidding, but my son on the other hand, surprised me more. Logan would accept my wishes, but on his terms, he was going to sponsor a block party & add my ashes to the brownies and serve them to unsuspected neighbors/guests. Logan’s odd – yet frighteningly sweet reason-refers to the old adage “Memories live on through the lives you touched, and he wanted to make sure that my ashes touched everyone in the neighborhood.  Kids say the darndest things.

P.S. Neighbors-If Logan sponsors any type of party- I’ll be dead—WAH & Don’t eat the brownies!