I HATE it when #41!

Can Opener
Can Opener (Photo credit: alykat)

1. I open a can with the can opener & the juice from the can spills all over my granite countertops, especially gross when its tuna!

2. I try to grab a glass out of my cabinet & there all in the dishwasher (clean, but in the dishwasher).

3. When sewing & my bobbin runs out of thread, gosh that makes me angry!

4. I just paint my nails and have an itch, every time!!!

5. My hubby exclaims Khloe Kardashian as OJ Simpson’s daughter over & over, annoying!

6. My hubby makes fun of the Kardashian family,  but he knows all their names & the Real Housewives also…busted!

7. I wake up at 3:30am in the morning to my cat “Tinkerbelle”  licking a Wal-Mart bag in my room.

8. Peeps drive like idiots, especially during the holidays.

9. My hubby asks me to scratch his back & then proceeds to tell me “here, no, no over there, down my spine, now all over…………..liar!!!!

10. My hubby & I talk about what we would do if we won the Mega Millions Lottery & get so into it—then realize–DAMN!