Mom behaving badly?

Little-Caesars-Logo.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My son & I were picking up dinner at Little Caesars  tonight. I was so upset I couldn’t find my party pack coupon (4 pizzas, 2 liter drink + crazy bread) so I was digging in my purse, my car, everywhere. I just had it this freaking coupon! I went ahead & just gave Logan the money to pick it up & just as he was exiting the car, I found the coupon or so I thought. I immediately looked at the expiration date & it expired September 30th-almost 2 1/2 months ago–So I did what any mother behaving badly would do-I said “Here it is!” &  gave it to him, I laughed the whole time he was gone…you know the evil/sneaky laughter …….!!!!