My Crappy Morning

EPCOT February 2013 096Woke up at 3:34 am with mild food poisoning, felt like death, fell back to sleep at 6:00am only to wake to the sound of my daughter asking ” Is something burning, I smell fire!” Well of course that got me up -( what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t) my son burnt’ vanilla incense in the kitchen (god knows why at 6:00am) then he asked me for $5.00 for a new school ID, I said you haven’t been in school a full week & you’ve already misplaced it. Thankfully it was bus-stop time, C-YA, awe freedom, I can go back to bed for an hour or two. Five minutes later,  I got a phone call from my son that went like this “I forgot my trombone, you need to bring it to the school by noon- so I don’t get a demerit. REALLY– crap but I still have time for a little nappy. No more than half an episode of Golden Girls later & my phone rang again, my son wore his Band wind suit to school & wasn’t suppose to, he needed me to bring his uniform pants & a belt. Now, I was beyond furious—my tummy troubles weren’t helping, my son tried to burn me up, take my cash & then kept me from sleeping,  now I had to gather all the items & take them to the school – ASAP as he requested……Horrible morning! I got dressed, kinda brushed my hair, no coffee & semi made up my face & then I dropped the items off at his school. The only saving grace to this dysfunctional morning,  I was finally up early enough for McDonald’s breakfast menu & I grabbed myself two hash browns on the way home:) Everything was right in the world again:)