I hate it when #33!

downy-scent-booster-usb-2 (Photo credit: molotalk)

1.I bite into something that’s suppose to be soft— like a hamburger & something hard is in it, then I realze its my tooth—I HOPE IT”S MINE!

2. I  buy a drink from the drive thru, pull off, take a big swig of it & realize its something totally different.

3. My hubby forgets to take trash out on trash day!

4. I spill scent booster beads all over my laundry floor & my dog Reilly eats them, PIG!

5. My sweet mail lady drops mail in our house mail shoot & leaves the lid open so bugs, heat or cold usher in.

6. My dogs bark CONSTANTLY at everything!

7. I’m trying to concentrate, in between two people who think their “talking” but in actuality their yelling.

8. I make a phone call  & completely forget why I made the call, at the time it seemed so important.

9. The kids don’t take the dog out regularly!

10. My son carves the bathtub soap into the shape of a pistol, bow tie, small ball. Should I be concerned…… HAHAHAHAHA