Deceased “Arnold the Armadillo!”

English: A Nine-banded Armadillo in the Green ...
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Talking about my dad’s opossum has brought back fond memories of “Arnold the Armadillo.” My daughter & I  first saw him dead on the side of the road, then everyday for at least 3 weeks, there he was –still dead— of course I didn’t expect him to rise from the ashes and fly away, silly goose its a dead armadillo, not a Phoenix. We decided to name him Arnold & everyday we said “Wonder if Arnold is still here, or has he decomposed. We also wondered why the city’s public works department hadn’t loved Arnold enough to pick him up! One day we drove by & “Arnold the Armadillo” was gone, not sure where he went, but now every time we pass by that fateful spot, we still see bits & pieces of our special friend. We still love you Arnold—Always..