****BREAKING NEWS***Update (in red)—— to Paw Paw’s Opossum story!

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My dad had an albino opossum visiting his home on a regular basis, he would leave food out, watch for him & before we knew it, this blossoming opossum friendship had turned into part of the family. On our last trip to Hot Springs two weeks ago, my dad was telling me all about my new brother “the opossum” what he feeds him, when he comes out to visit, his behaviors, just bragging on my new brother, how annoying. Well today I asked about my bro and how he was faring, and my dad looked at me so sad & said “I think a dog ate him, I haven’t seen him around in a while.” It was pitiful, his new-found, pet part of the family just vanished into thin air or a dogs belly, just awful.

To mark this sad occasion, I wrote a little rap, Ode to Opossum: Its only been a short time, but I wrote you this rhyme, here’s to you boo, I will miss you, I’m sorry a dog ate you! Love Sis……….LOL, hehehaha

*** Update*** The missing, thought to be eaten by dog, maybe dead, brother Opossum is alive & well and was spotted by my daughter & her paw paw last evening in his backyard. My father was so happy he joked about kissing him on the mouth & hugging him, then my daughter said “Ewe, gross, Paw Paw, he probably has rabies,” and my dad said “NO you’re thinking of a armadillo or raccoon,” and there ensued the question about rabies & opossum’s. I looked up the answer & found this, in case anyone else found an opossum & wanted to kiss him on the mouth: Can opossum’s get rabies? Any mammal can get rabies. However, the chance of rabies in an opossum is EXTREMELY RARE. This may have something to do with the opossum’s low body temperature (94-97º F) making it difficult for the virus to survive in an opossum’s body.

For this joyous occasion, I’ve written another poem: Ode to Opossum 2: Sit back & relax, glad you’re back, dear bro, paw paw missed you so. It’s been a while now, since we’ve seen your smile, he longed for you dearly, me not so much, clearly. Happy the see a dog didn’t eat you-yet, maybe tomorrow or the next day, I bet!!  XOXOXO Love Sis

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