I hate it when #4

  1. When someone spits a wad of toothpaste in just cleaned bathroom sink.
  2. At a fast food restaurant, I pay for Super size fries and only receive half.
  3. I drop a whole roll of toilet tissue in the toilet, and its my last one.
  4. My hubby tells me how to drive & he’s had more traffic violations.
  5. Drop whole box of Qtips all over the bathroom
  6. Or better yet break the cotton end of Qtip off in my ear
  7. Someone takes the batteries out of my remote control and I have to get up. (lazy)
  8. In the middle of the night when someone leaves the toilet seat up and I sit on it & fall in.
  9. Empty milk jug put back in fridge.
  10. I find a loose french fry on the floor of my car and I’m tempted to eat it.
Toilet paper
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