When hubby is asleep, the wife will play!

Let sleeping chimps lie
Image by World of Oddy via Flickr

My hubby falls asleep hours before me every evening. So I usually get plenty of quality ME time. Some evenings it’s like I’m having my very own slumber party in our room, all centered around my sleeping hubby in our bed. Don’t worry this isn’t a freaky kind of story, he wishes. He doesn’t realize it, but after he’s fallen asleep, he becomes my all-purpose coffee table. Every evening, I watch a little T.V. or do some crafts, I look over at him, sometimes he’s covered in material with patterns laid out across him, like he’s my pretty little mannequin and I laugh & think, bless his heart, if he only knew.  He does look like a “SWEET” piece of furniture, as he lays still, snoring away. I don’t discriminate I will prop all sorts of things on or against him like notepads, pens, papers, lotion, while he’s off to sleepytown. The sad thing is when he wiggles in his sleep to turn around, he drops my goodies off his back, causing me to say, RYAN, stop wiggling. He doesn’t intentionally drop my things, he really doesn’t even know there on top of him. I also enjoy popcorn parties & sometimes chips & salsa, he makes for a nice solid table, to bad he’s asleep & can’t enjoy it with me! Try it tonight, lay something on your hubby when he’s asleep,  its funny.


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