1. Someone drags their feet (shoes) across the floor and it makes that swish, swish, swish noise! I call it a lazy walking….pick up those feet.

2. I’m retrieving groceries from my car and the Coke Zero 2 liter bottle rolls out the back of the trunk, all the way down the driveway and stops in the street.

3. I put “take-out” blue cheese dressing in my pants pocket (don’t ask) and then sit down forgetting it was in there. SPLAT
4. I get out of my car at the grocery store and step in a massive 2 inch deep puddle. Odd it seemed to be the only puddle around.

5. I step in hot, sticky bubble gum in Hobby Lobby’s parking lot!

6. I’m less than three days away from our Disney vacation and haven’t packed a thing:( Not like me at all……..

7. I walk towards my Keurig coffee maker to see if my coffee is ready~ only to find out my dumbass forgot to put a coffee cup underneath it, what a waste and mess……drrrrr

8. My kids slam the dishwasher after filling it with dirty dishes and I hear glass breaking, I swear at least 3 times a week…….

9. Someone squeezes ketchup onto something yummy, then they shut the cap back with ketchup all over it and places it back in the fridge for me to find. With Ketchup now chilled and stuck all over the bottle cap, gross, cooty-fest!

10. I buy low carb food for my hubby and I and my children who can eat whatever their hearts desire gets into our stash. Stay away from our nuts kids, go eat the Oreo’s, pizza and chips that we would love to have…….