I HATE it when #50!


1. The ketchup, mayo or mustard are at the end of their life in the container and the juice squirts everywhere but the Hamburger, Sandwich or Hot dog you aimed for.

2. I pull off the last paper towel on the roll and only half of it comes off, because the other half is still stuck to it….

3. I give my dog a bath and she thanks me by shaking her bath juices all over me. Bath time for me….

4. I have an impromptu endometrial biopsy!

5. Medical results aren’t immediate!

6. I’m WAITING for anything or anybody!

7. I get my nails beautified & that evening they somehow smudge-back to the nail salon…

8. I don’t feel prepared for something.

9. Others are worried about me.

10. My tummy starts to hurt and I’m nowhere near a restroom, uh-oh!!!!!


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  1. Ellen cusack says:

    I love your article I the it when…so relatable.
    We need to swap stories someday,I feel like all apply, so crazy.
    Thanks for giving me my laugh for today.


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