Mishaps after long day of painting!

PaintOnly this could happen to ME!!!!! Long day of painting, I originally thought I would play a more supervisory role in this quest, but lets get real, that NEVER happens~ SHOCKER, I’m a control freak and my hubby had to watch the LSU game with his dad. So he had a paint intermission for almost 4 hours, which really tells a story in and of itself (I did most the painting). Picture this~ hours upon hours of painting the kitchen/den combo, HOORAY we’re(loosely) finished and it’s only midnight, only being the key word. Paint dried & my hubby rehung the pictures on the wall, as he hung each picture he bragged about the one household job he could do better than me~ hang pictures, ever so proud of himself. Finally we made our way droopy & mopey towards the bedroom “bow chicka bow wow” NOT, lol. I had to muster strength for my shower, it was a must, paint all over me, I mean everywhere~ funny enough not so much on my hubby. I gathered my robe & unmentionables in which I just mentioned, LOL and headed toward the shower. Out of the blue~ we heard a LOUD crash, remember the pictures my hubby proudly hung- well “Picture Down” (instead of man down, haha) We dragged our weakened bodies back into the den & began cleaning up the broken shards of glass that BTW were everywhere. As I stood there barely alive holding a bag in one hand & dust pan in the other, you wouldn’t believe what happened next, just guess…………..Yes, by George you guessed it, the second picture my hubby hung fell ON my head, broke then proceeded to fall down the rest of my body, then ever so politely rested on the floor. I had no words, after we cleaned up the catastrophes we once again headed to our room “bow chicka bow wow” NOT again, just in time to catch our dog urinating on my side of the bed. I LOST it……………So next time your hubby brags about doing anything household related-WATCH OUT, PROTECT YOU & YOUR KIDS, STAY AWAY FROM WINDOWS & DOORS! I made sure my hubby knew he sucked at hanging pictures & the dog was kicked out of our bedroom. Only me! #Real-lifestruggles #thestruggle



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  1. Ellen says:

    Awesome article Dawn, I’m still laughing! Classic man moment, only a woman gets.

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