I HATE it When #46

My Price is Right Shirt!

1. My hubby turns on every light in our bedroom to help aid in his search for a t-shirt, then leaves the room without turning off a single light!

2. The kids throw cotton balls, q-tips & other trash at the bathroom trash can, rather than in it.

3. I’m watching my HGTV home renovation shows & they focus more on the “family” than the reveal!!! If I’m trying to knock down a wall in my home, getting to know “that” family isn’t helping me at ALL!

4. I’m watching the TRAVEL channel & cooking shows are on-HELLO– the channel is called TRAVEL not FOOD.

5. I give my daughter a $100 bill to grab me a #1 at Mcdonald’s  & I receive $75 back, a big mac & a large fry container with 6 fry’s in it…so mad

6.Marriage Boot Camp is on & now Celebrity Boot Camp! Embarrassing…

7. My kids come in my room & sit next to me in the bed all cute & cuddly (well cuddly for teenagers) then scream across my bed at each other about “war & money” really right now they’re fighting over WAR & MONEY. What started out a sweet moment turned sour FAST!!!!! help me…..

8. I smell sausage or see it!

9. Bob Barker retired from “The Price is Right!” Saddest day ever–but I did see him in person on Nov 9th, 2009 & sat in #1 seat in audience.

10. Anybody twerks & I mean anyone!