Peytons Accomplishment verses Logan’s surprise at the DMV

Peyton getting her license
 At the DMV the other day, waiting for my daughter to physically get her Drivers License, I noticed everyone had an extra cup or two of CRAZY, as if we were at Wal-Mart, my family included. Nearing the 2nd HOUR of our “INTERESTING” standing room-only wait, we witnessed all sorts of folks from youngin’s to old timers, to peeps in ill-fitted clothing. I also ran into a lovely Disney client of mine-who I’d never met in person, she noticed me by my Disney Dooney, isn’t that ironic. It was finally time for the most important part for a 16-year-old girl-THE PHOTO, about that time- my son looked over at me & said “Here, a piece of my tooth just fell out, I said “What, OMG- don’t think the tooth fairy is bringing you anything for a piece of a tooth, lol!” Woot- Peyton official legal driver, now for the rest of you- stay off the road peeps, lol!