Female Sasquatch

Big Ang welcomes you to Greenpoint!
Big Ang welcomes you to Greenpoint! (Photo credit: *Bitch Cakes*)

O.k., I admit it-I have an addiction! I watch a ton of trash “reality” shows. The one show that specifically gets my hubbies gears grinding is “Mob Wives” particularly one person on the show, lovingly nicknamed “Big Ang”, if you watch the show, you’re undoubtedly laughing your ass off right now, because you get it…I’m not trying to be rude, but I thought she was a tranny, she has a Adam’s apple for goodness sake. Other interesting traits, her lips could squeegee a car window in one second flat, her voice is a mix of smoke & bottles of rum with a few eaten people stuck in her throat crying to get out & her bosom, don’t get me started-If she rolled over in her sleep, her bosom would measure on the Richter scale & cause widespread panic. She laughs, talks & looks unique, to say the least, but would be one hell of a good time. Tonight as I watched the show, my hubby said “Oh no, not the female Sasquatch again!” I died laughing, quality time with my man, actually my two men, “BIG ANG!”