Our “NUN” Car Convo

The Nun's Story (film)
The Nun’s Story (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While driving to dinner this evening,  I noticed what I thought to be a Nun through my rear view mirror. I said to my kids “Is that a nun behind us?” no I thought– it couldn’t be, she has flashy earrings on. I also don’t think nuns would have something hanging off their rear view mirror, unless it was a cross! “My daughter said I doubt it, I didn’t know nuns could drive”, I said of course they do–how do you think they get around? My son said “Bicycles, like Amish people.” My daughter added, “Yeah with a basket on the front!” Then my son replied with “Like a bike with a giant wheel in front & a little wheel in the back! “The kids turned around & indeed it was a nun with flashy earrings on & some non cross object hanging down from the rear view mirror driving a CAR…..not a giant wheeled bike with basket. Man kids are fun………sometimes



  1. snshine123 says:

    This is hysterical and I can just picture it all unfolding right in front of me!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      Gayle, all I needed was you in the passenger seat!!!!


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