I HATE it when #39

Alessi Flatware on Libeco Linen
Alessi Flatware on Libeco Linen (Photo credit: Dinner Series)

1. I bite real hard into my juicy food & into the dang fork, it’s worse than nails on a chalkboard to me.

2. My teenage daughter screams for no apparent reason at totally random moments.

3. I get lotion in my wedding ring.

4. My DVR cuts off the end of my T.V. show.

5. My plans change unexpectedly.

6. My no-show sock decides to no-stay on my foot as I’m running. Sucks because it consumes my mind!

7. Also while running my shoelaces come undone, always both.

8. I get a mosquito bite then I scratch it incessantly till it bleeds.

9. I smell seafood, GAG.

10. People are out & about in 100+ degree weather & state “It’s HOT!” DURRRR…The kicker is “It’s HUMID!” STAY HOME THEN, & while your at it move out of the SOUTH…..