I HATE it when #38!

Pink nail polish.
Pink nail polish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. People forget to put lotion on their elbows–& look like they have elephant skin, gross.

2. I drop food on my shirt, then try to pick it up & it drops to my pants. Not a great way to start the morning!

3. I type a blurb on my iPhone to possibly add to FB, Twitter or a text, not intending to send just yet, but clumsy me bumps the send button & then I scramble to retrieve it- before anyone sees it.

4. I wake up with a brown tongue, YES–REALLY, because I took a pepto bismol before bed & the bismuth caused a chemical reaction in my mouth-SCARY!

5. Girls have chipped nail polish, just don’t wear any….are you looking at your nails now, lol.

6. Every light bulb in my home is different from one another & they all need changed.

7. I trip over a step I’ve walked down a million times, then fall onto the railing- therefore dropping my cell-phone to the ground, extremely dramatic.

8. I break another cellphone charger.

9. My dog is a nervous wreck & won’t sit still.

10. I buy generic ice cream sandwiches to save 23 cents & they taste like shit.