What’s that smell?

I tried to clean out my car today & smelled this foul odor. So I looked under my seats — thought it could possibly be meat that slid under my seat from a grocery bag (happened before) or worse, a dead squirrel possibly cooked in my engine, my mind was all over the place. (more than usual) Thankfully no meat under my seat & hubby gave the all-clear under the hood. Its now dinner time & the Fam was hungry, so we piled in the putrid filled car to grab a pizza (impossible right, wrongo) I asked if they smelled it & they said “a little” I thought I’d lost my mind (again–more than usual) Then right before my hubby dropped me off at the insane asylum,he said “I smell it, it’s dog shit, Dawn look on your shoes & by golly it was dog shit on my shoe:( Hilarious