I HATE it when #35!

Deutsch: Ein Glas Nutella-Nussnougatcreme
Deutsch: Ein Glas Nutella-Nussnougatcreme (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Juice from my veggies runs into other foods on my plate, especially a hamburger bun—Yuck-no one likes soggy buns, hehe.

2. An empty can of Pringle’s is put back in the pantry!

3. My inside dog drags trash out of the kitchen trash can.

4. I hear my outside dog chewing on something loudly as I’m grilling & find out it’s some kind of jawbone with teeth in tact. OMG I was terrified it was human, till my hubby said “Do human teeth look like this?” as he put it up to his mouth, so disgusting  (deer jawbone)

5. People are just mean for no apparent reason. Mean peeps SUCK:(

6. My daughter sticks a spoon in the Nutella & licks it, therefore claiming it to be hers & hers ALONE!

7. My little dog Reilly sheds all over me & I’m wearing black….

8. I have to deal with teenage DRAMA!!!!!!

9. My kids friends are loud, most of them…….

10. I have something in my teeth and my family thinks its more funny not to tell me….. Yes that’s the crazy, I’m dealing with….