Nine Toed Teacher!

 (Photo credit: wolfsavard)

My son Logan informed me today that his substitute teacher had only nine toes, she was missing her big toe. I laughed & asked how do you know this? He replied “SHE showed us.” I said, How did she lose her toe? “She didn’t say.” I thought, how strange of a woman teacher to state— that she only had nine toes & show the class, & not even elaborate on where her big toe went…This is school, they could have at least learned why or how. And to think—- this is the future of tomorrow, SCARY!



  1. I agree – very strange – I am sure it could have been used as some sort of a lesson – like “don’t stick your foot in a tiger’s mouth – you could loose a toe!” “Don’t stomp your foot at your mother – you could loose a toe!” Don’t stand in the driveway while your big sister is backing the car out – you could loose a toe!” There are a million lessons that could be learned from a missing toe!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      Janice, you are equally as funny!!!


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