I HATE it when #32!

(Photo credit: lydia_shiningbrightly)

1. I purposely don’t pick something off the floor, because I’m waiting to see how long it will take another family member to pick it up. It NEVER EVER happens–I end up picking it up anyways. Then next week I do it again–& I act surprised when its the same outcome.

2. I have to reach my hands in the kitchen sink – in what was once = clean, hot soapy water & now its cold & hard to look at–while trying to figure out the whole time–what those little multi-colored particles floating in it are! YUCK…..and I have a dishwasher…

3. Someone spilled honey (LOGAN) on my granite countertop & my pajama shirt literally got stuck to it. Now that’s a lot of honey….

4. Someone else (not Logan)in the family (hubby) lost the back to our T.V. Remote & didn’t do anything about it– until this person (hubby) got annoyed because the batteries kept popping out— the same genius decided to tape the batteries in (white trash). It gets better folks, when the batteries went dead— someone (ME) had to pick & peel & chip the tape off, because it wanted to stay on–better than the original remote back did.

5. Continued from #4, You find underneath your couch a half dog chewed back of the T.V. Remote & Doritos crumbs mixed with cat fur & some teeny tiny bug you can’t make out.

6. Your stomach growls so loud in public, someone thinks you “Let it rip!”

7. You “Let it Rip” by accident & it even surprises you, so you chuckle! Come on now, we all do it……

8. Driving on a long trip in the middle of nowhere & you REALLY  have to go to the bathroom then “angels singing” you find a store open, but the bathroom is down for maintenance… probably down because someone just unloaded their long-awaited–uh shall we say “patty.”   Ewe–gross…

9. When I’m on a long run at night & my iPhone suddenly  goes off–halting all iTunes music—-& screwing up my current Map my Run stats. Phooey-  better not happen race day! Princess Half Marathon in February at WDW, WOOT!

10. I grab mud off my teenage son’s shoe, only to find out, it was dog shit!