Sanford and Son
Sanford and Son (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, well, well, it has been a very interesting day to say the least. Here’s the visual: 

On our way to the “Big D”, just 10 minutes into the trip! I’m driving with my mom as my co-pilot & a large bag of candy in between us, Papa & Peyton in second row & my son Logan, in lonely third row. My dad wanted to watch a DVD, but he couldn’t find the power cord, so he desperately ravaged the back seat . I stopped the car at a seedy looking gas station & decided to look myself or suffer the consequences of him griping the entire 3 hr trip about not being able to watch “Sanford & Son“.

As I rifled thru pockets & under seats searching– I heard my son Logan yell  “Oh my tooth, it hurts-I’m going to pull it!” I thought he was kidding or being overly dramatic, so I really didn’t pay any attention– my goodness he just lost one last week & he’s 12, how many more is he going to lose?? In between this drama, my daughter was whining about being nauseous, there’s is no way we’ve been in the car long enough to get car sick. Lets not forget about my  mother, innocently sitting there as co-pilot thinking she was on the down-low texting my sister– about all the crazy she was around (us)– all the while crazy herself was licking away on a blow pop with half the wrapper still on it.. Then my son yells “Got it!” and pulls out his bloody tooth & said “The tooth fairy owes me another $5.00 mama!”  I said I think your just pulling your teeth for money….

As I sat back down in the drivers seat, now tired, unable to find the cord, out $5.00 for tooth, car sick queen in back, mama eating paper mixed with sucker & all because my dad might miss his darn “Sanford & Son”…………HELP we still have 2 hours & 50 minutes left + the weekend……..Are we there yet????? 




  1. nice blog, $5.00 ! though…lol


  2. Mama says:

    Should we call it “Life with The Joneses”,or “My Big Redneck Family from Bossier City”? Our Theme Song could be “ON THE ROAD AGAIN “, by Willie Nelson! What do you think?


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