I Hate it when #23!

Goober Pyle
Goober Pyle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. I need a clean towel out of the linen closet & its empty!

2. I pick up clothes out of the dryer & as I’m carrying them, they slowly fall one by one out of my hands & onto the floor & as I try to pick them up I drop another. I have two laundry baskets I never seem to use. Note to self, USE THEM!

3. While preparing my coffee in the morning I find out I have NO sweet & low, my day is ruined! Lol…

4. My son calls me from school to walk home with friend—at the same time I’m in the carpool line!

5. My DVR cuts off the end of my T.V. show.

6. One of my friends is scared & or sad!

7. “Goober Pyle” played by George Lindsey from  The Andy Griffith Show passed away.

8. A lot of the last good generation of people are dying off, you know people with integrity, morals, character, gentlemen, ladies, frugality, makes me sad..

9. I’ve licked a blow-pop all the way to the gum,  then drop it on the floor & I can’t 5 sec rule it –because cat fur is on it! Damn it

10. I’m not inspired.