Ziplining Turtle

Picture of turtle from zoo.
Picture of turtle from zoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My hubby was driving to the golf course & on his way he noticed a sweet turtle- a little late though, well actually way too late–it was under his tire kinda LATE. Before he knew it, he nipped the corner of the turtle’s shell with such force,  it catapulted the sweet turtle thru the air & into the woods. My hubby said it looked as if the turtle was on a rope hurling in the air,  like it was zip-lining! I LAUGHED SO HARD…..Can you just picture it????????God Bless you turtle, I wrote you a little poem:

 Your name can’t be zippy or you would have been a little more quicky, but instead you broke your turtle hippy., I bet your  peaved because you were heaved,  justified. I just hope you lived through this horrific experience, and they don’t claim this as turtle homicide.  So long “Tardy Turtle”…..