Poop & Home Depot

The Truth about Poop
The Truth about Poop (Photo credit: Ross LaRocco)

I’m shopping with my family at Home Depot, while enjoying the lumber aisle (NOT) I ran over something brown & mushy that stuck to my buggy tire. It took me a second to realize that it was POOP! Probably because you don’t normally see shit on the floor at a store, maybe at the Circus or the Zoo. Every few steps there it was, the inevitable poop—seriously piles of poop in succession, like a ant trail– but with crap, ODD! My family was grossed out —which then ensued hysterical laughter about our disgusting discovery. The bathrooms were no where near the scene of the crime, maybe that’s why the shit hit the fan or in this case the floor..

Being the inquisitive family that we are, we pondered how the poop trail happened, these were the intellectual scenario’s we spoke of “Looked to big to be a kids”, “Awwww, was it a old man’s and he couldn’t hold it”, “Look’s like someone ate corn”, “A blind person possibly came in & it could be his seeing eye dog’s poo poo”, “Maybe a hobo” for some reason my hubby didn’t react to any scenario, except the hobo comment, Then my hubby replied “It’s Home Depot, not Home-less Depot!’

The next scenario was, whomever “done it” how did it fall from their butt to the floor, weren’t they wearing, Panties, Diaper, Underwear, or a Depends as to catch it first, kinda like a catcher’s glove catches the ball. Also wouldn’t this person also have to be wearing pants, shorts, etc–plus the unmentionables to which I previously mentioned……things that make you go Hmm… So many questions, just no one to ask. Awww, life’s little mysteries, they make life worth living. Today was no ordinary day at Home Depot, it was “Poopalicious!”


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