I hate it when #8

Image by katiew via Flickr

1. I have to clean my hairbrush  & people you are supposed to do that!

2. People put their toilet paper on wrong,  the pull tab is supposed to be over top!

3. You drop your last piece of something delicious on the floor longer than the 30 sec rule & you eat it anyway!

4. I drop my toothbrush in the sink after already spitting in it & contemplate still using it!

5. I drip half the coffee out of the pot while poring it into my Mickey Mouse coffee cup! (why do coffee pots always drip, when poring)

6. I drink coffee with sweet & low in it, on day I’m suppose to fast for Dr’s appt & just realizing now. #toolate #shoot

7. When in shower and the shampoo & conditioner come darting at you, like they’re getting you back for something.

8. I wake up with crick in my neck, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

9. When I drop soap in shower (not prison story) & it keeps slipping & sliding (stop thinking dirty) out of my HANDS (sicko’s).

10. The toilet won’t stop running.      & I have to catch it, hahahhahahah,   and I have crick in my neck, lol!


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