Carpooling & Orange cones

Everyday I drop off & pick up my child at school. They have large, bright orange cones set out in a special pattern for carpoolers’ to follow  (so us ding-dong, mothers in the giant vehicles, don’t hit a kid) doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. But somehow every single day, the orange cones are spread out all over the parking lot of the school, and no lie, even on, the street around the corner. If that’s not bad enough, they are smushed, marked up with rubber from tires & torn apart. Some of these mothers ( a few fathers) need Driver’s Ed as bad as the kids do! Maybe they should keep the kids at least 200 yds from the parents arriving & departing, & call them over on intercom-just-saying—– for safety!


P.S. These are the actual cones moved off to the side, since they were in the way!!!!