My Son’s BIG mistake

I was doing a few things around the house and I asked my son to grab the laundry, he had already finished his daily chore, but usually when I ask either child to grab this or do that ( extra, small tasks) it’s expected to be done. So this afternoon, I asked Logan to grab a few items from the dryer, seriously like 7 socks (dryer monster ate the 8th sock)  & he turned around and said the most shocking thing a mothers ears could absorb “I don’t see you doing anything!” Oh Noooo, he didn’t, I said excuse you–first tell me you’re sorry, then go to your room (without the usual)  tv, video games, phone, laptop, PSP, DSI, anything else with initial’s & anything else really fun.

A little while later I heard him banging around in his room & found him doing this. He flipped his trash can over added hangers-on each end & with his drum sticks, played drums. On the scale of 1 equals= sit in your room & sulk or 10 equals= very inventive, he gets a high mark, it was cute and didn’t sound half bad. Mother’s don’t dare think he got off with his rude remark that easy, I made sure the rest of the day, he did all laundry, trash detail, vacuuming things: like around the bird-cage, baseboard’s, just so he would learn, what mommy does, when he doesn’t see me doing anything!