I hate it when #7

This little piggie uses his cell phone #111
Image by Nemo's great uncle via Flickr

1. I open a brand new bag of chips & there broken up in little pieces.

2. I trip in public & act like it was someone elses fault so I don’t look so stupid, in essence looking more stupid.

3. I drip toothpaste while brushing my teeth on scarf or shirt.

4. People butt dial & don’t know it.

5. When talking to someone on phone & you hear them but they don’t hear you & keep saying HELLO< HELLO, when they could just hang up & call back.

6. Silent but deadly farts, sneak attack.

7. My son has to visit the restroom, the exact moment our meal is being served at a restaurant!

8. When people don’t pick up after themself at a fast food restaurant.

9. Right as I thread my sewing machine, I break the needle completely.

10. A  huge knot in my extension cord every time I do the yard.