It all started with the Eye Doctor!

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The day began so normal, even for me. I had a eye exam and my parents & I were going to fit some flu shots in at our doctor down the street, so they decided to drive me, since my eyes were being dilated. They picked me up 20 minutes before the appointment, I realized on the way there, I forgot my sunglasses, (dum dum, mistake #1), I  needed them especially today, but we decided I could just borrow my dads & no they weren’t the lasik eye surgery looking glasses either, they were decent, so much so, that I asked where he got them, because normally he wears the lasik eye surgery glasses,  who is really going to see me anyway. Arrived at appt. 5 minutes early, just enough time for a bug to land on my mom & her spaz out, wondering where it came from, what kind was it &  where did it go, she also realized she left her cell phone at home, no biggie, I have mine right (mistake #2 )? I then proceeded with exam, now this is where it all went downhill.

The appt was taking longer than planned, it was getting late & my son’s school was nearly out for the day & the arrangement with him, was to walk to our home with some friends that lived close by & I should be there shortly, my parents also knew this plan (mistake #3), but thought if it got too late at my appt–my dad would run get him from my house & come back for my mom & I. OK, I’m back in the exam room, my son calls & we change plans, he’s now going to a friend’s house & he also informs me – as the DR. is sitting in front of me- that today while at school he fell into the splits & thinks he has bloody balls (seriously, he said it), I said “O.K. we’ll talk about this later,” knowing how dramatic he is, hoping & praying the Dr. didn’t hear him say bloody balls! Perfect got that taken care of, or so I thought.(mistake #4) I really need to let my parents know this change of events, but I’m sitting here with my eyes dilated, & I can’t text her, because she forgot her phone & with my eyes dilated not real sure what I would spell anyways.

I’m done, get the all clear & run out into the lobby, only to find my mother sitting there alone, my dad got a little nervous about Logan possibly returning home to find no one & more so, impatient about sitting in the DR’s office & decided to get him. Well that would have been, hunky dory, but he had no cell phone with him (mom left at home, that morning) to let him know that Logan wasn’t going to be home. So, my mom & I would just have to wait at the doctor’s office longer, no big deal, my dad at some point will realize that Logan isn’t showing up and somehow find a phone or grab his cellphone at home & call me to see if anything changed.

Then as if things weren’t already spinning out of control,  my daughter calls me & needs picked up early from pep squad practice, I tell her, my eyes are dilated & I’m standing outside the doctor’s office, oh yeah wearing “MY FATHERS SUNGLASSES” because I forgot mine that morning,  waiting on my father to pick my mom & I up, once he realizes that Logan’s not home, then my mother proceeds to tell me that she instructed my father to pick Peyton up after Logan, because she knew we would be running late for her also. So I told my daughter wait at the school gym, don’t go anywhere, someone will get her soon, not really knowing who or when someone would. In the mean time my mother said “Lets walk over and get our flu shot, it wasn’t really far, 1/2 mile or so, but it was across a main, active intersection & remember my eyes were dilated, I’m now dizzy from no lunch- thank GOD for the bubble gum I was swallowing, wearing “MY FATHERS SUNGLASSES” & not really in the mood to walk in public down a main intersection for a flu shot, I ‘d rather get the flu.

We  proceeded quite a few office buildings over and sat outside on a bench in the shade, just to get away from the now crowded eye dr office. My mom & I were laughing out of pure disbelief & wondering just when this craziness would be over– in between calling  their cell phone & home phones, a million times, assuming my dad would have common sense to get it & USE IT!  It’s now over 4o minutes since my dad left, he hasn’t called, my daughter is harassing me to hurry up & get her she’s been waiting,  I decide to call my hubby and see if he could pick her up then try to offset my dad in the process, he said, “YES”!  Finally things were looking up. WELL–WELL, guess who calls now, my dad, freaking out wondering where Logan is, I tell him, he’s fine, at a friend’s house, & Peyton is being picked up by Ryan, so come get us PLEASE!   Ring, Ring, now, my hubby is calling me wondering where Peyton is, he’s waiting on her, remember she had to be picked early from pep squad, but she wasn’t really ready at all & my phone is now beeping & going dead, REALLY! My dad finally picks us up & tells us he had stopped by his house grabbed their cell phone, had it the entire time, but didn’t realize it was off, till he tried to call us, one hour later, he had also driven around the school & neighborhood looking for Logan, probably looked like a creeper. All of this drama because my mother forgot her cell phone & my dad was a little impatient. Eyes still dilated, wearing “FATHERS SUNGLASSES”, dizzy, stressed because of todays antics , hungry, dead cell phone and we still managed to get our flu shots & now, sore arm!   Crazy, Crazy day, it all started with the eye doctor……….

P.S. Murphy’s law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong & it did

P.S.S  Not really putting blame on parents, all in good fun, I appreciate their crazy help!!!!  LOL…

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