I Hate it when #6

Image by yum9me via Flickr

1. You’re drying your hair in the bathroom & the hairbrush flies out of your  hand & into the toilet.

2. I poke my gums with a Doritos chip. OUCH!

3. The electricity goes off during one of my favorite show’s finale’s.

4. Rolling up the bottom of the toothpaste.

5. Kids put dirty dishes back in cabinet.

6. Hubby has his clock & two cell phones alarms– set to go off at various times within minutes of one another, with three totally different alarms—   piercing & shooting  horrible sound waves thru my ears, brain, throat, stomach, leg  & hopefully coming out my right pinky toe, early in the morning.

7. A bug flies in my nose, mouth or eye at any given moment.

8. A rock cracks my windshield.

9. I swallow a piece of Ice & feel it going all the way down my throat.

10. The idiot in front of me at the Car wash acts like they’ve never been in one before.