You know your kids are bad! (not mine)

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When at  Home Depot your given a paint stick by the employee & your not buying paint! haha


  1. slipandglide says:

    my kids are not bad but this world could change that if it stays the way it is. i taught my children right but if others do not do the same then there could be a big problem when they grow up and get on their own. i love to see blogs like this…..stay positive….i love it!!!!


    1. dawnsdorkydisneydiary says:

      My hubby told me he just saw an old friend from HS and they told him that story, & she had the paint stick in her hand to prove it. My kids can be a little naughty, like most kids, but if it were them in this story, Home Depot would not have to hand me a paint stick, I would have grabbed a fence post! LOL! haha


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