I LOVE it When #1

Dallas (TV series)
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1. I witness a good deed

2. My children are kind to one another.

3. I jump on a trampoline & my pee pee doesn’t leak out.

4. It rains early evening, but not too much as to knock out the cable.

5. At a Doctor’s visit, the Dr. actually see’s you at your appointment time.

6. I finish a great book and I’m INSPIRED!

7. My children tell me they LOVE me & don’t want money, car, toy or house, in return.

8. My family is laughing & NOT at me.

9. I see a rainbow & then find the pot of gold. I’m RICH, I’m RICH

10. I find out the old T.V. series DALLAS is returning with the original JR, Bobby & Sue Ellen. WOOT!