Peyton Left to Her Own Devices!

My nineteen year old daughter Peyton loves to sing and sounds quite lovely. She’s fortunate she did not inherit her chops from me, as I’m literally the most awful singer on the planet. I’m so pathetic my hubby jokes that I can’t even hold a tune when humming or whistling, now that’s bad with a capital B………A & D! 

Peyton especially enjoys singing when my hubby and I are not at home. Don’t get me wrong, she’ll sing in talent competitions, stage productions and choir, but prefers to sing all by her lonesome. If I had the voice of an angel; I would sing from the mountaintops like in the Sound of Music or I would at least try out for The Voice and the chance to slightly manhandle the scrumptious Blake Shelton (shh, don’t tell hubby) Sorry, I’m off track again.

While the hubby and I were out shopping the other day with our son, my teenage princess was left to her own devices, she should, she’s nineteen, right! She did what any teenager home alone would do:

  1. Throw a rager
  2. Drink all the booze
  3. Have friends over eating up all your munchies
  4. Sing to herself!✅

Errrkkk, back up~ WHAT!!! The first three my hubby and I would have done when we were teenagers, but the fourth is all too cute and sooo Pey Pey!

According to Peyton, her brother Logan’s room had the “super star” set up, with all his instruments, microphone and did I mention his colorful disco light for added effect. Well, well, she was off to the races or in this scenario her lone performance~ disco light ✅, microphone✅, amps on✅, now it’s showtime for her phantom audience.

She began singing at the top of her lungs; feeling I’m sure like Shakira or Lady Gaga in concert, minus the actual people. The true hilarious moment was yet to come; for her grand finale, she began to yodel, yes I said YODEL; you know like LeAnn Rimes and Jewel!

As she Yodel-Ay-Ee-Ooooed her hearts desire with the rotating disco light and her mic at top volume, she noticed something peculiar and stopped mid-yodel, looked side-to-side and caught a glimpse of something outside the window. What could it be; Big-Bird, Sasquatch,or Carlos our yard guy weed-eating outside the window and undoubtedly listening to every last yodel. Ding, ding, ding, it was Carlos, staring right back at her, probably wondering WTF! 

She was mortified, she ran from the room leaving everything stage-ready. Imagine the sheer pleasure my hubby and I felt when we arrived at casa Gosdin and heard her hullabaloo. The bonus was my son missed the story, so when he walked in his room; he screamed “Why is my disco light on?”and then we all laughed again……at Peyton’s expense!

Jewel is my daughters favorite yodeler, and the song above is how Peyton learned to yodel!