Full Moon, Anyone?

Last evening while driving home, I noticed a full moon. I said to my teenage son sitting next to me, o.k. on the count of 3, we’re are going to howl at the moon; he rolled his eyes as I started the countdown~ 1, 2 wait, the trees are in my way, o.k. now 1, 2 wait more trees, o.k. 1, 2, 3 WAIT those damn trees are blocking the moon, so I move a little further up and stop my vehicle right then and there so the trees aren’t blocking the moon and I said O.K. for real on the count of 3—- 1, 2, 3 the howling begins… both of us…..not Teen Wolf howling, more Alaskan Bush People howling or Twilight………then my son said, mama, you can’t stop in the middle of the road and howl at the moon, I haven’t taken my driver’s ed. class yet, but I’m pretty sure its common sense. YUP, Bazinga…… hahaha….