Funny Memory


My family and I were laughing the other day as we recalled a funny memory that I’d like to share and most of you can relate.

Picture this SCENARIO~ I’m at work and receive a call from my hubby Ryan whom was home alone caring for our young son, Logan. He shared with me that he went into Logan’s room to check on him and found him with poop all over him, he apparently had entertained himself by drawing all over the wall using his new found “au naturel” crayon and had it in his mouth, yes he ate his own poo. Ryan, remembering something about eating poop his grandmother once told him; freaked out and called the pediatrician’s office and asked the nurse this question “My son just ate poop, can he get typhoid fever from eating it and do I need to bring him in?” The nurse then put him on speaker phone and said sir could you repeat the question and so he did, he heard the nurses’ co-workers giggle about the obvious messy, yet funny situation, then the nurse replied “he cannot get Typhoid Fever from eating his OWN poop; he’ll be fine, you do not need to bring him in.” The End, that’s all folks, just a funny parental memory from one set of parents to others….Do you have any funny stories, I would love to hear them?!?!