I HATE it when!

1. I get cheese stuck under my finger nail.
2. A bowling ball smushes one or all of my fingers.

3. My hubby’s light bulb goes out in his lamp on his side of the bed and days go by with no change. Doesn’t it bother him??????

4.When a commercial comes on five times louder than the original tv show!

5. I’m the only person who replaces the water in our Keurig machine, but everyone drinks from it….

6.My hubby dribbles the basketball in the house incessantly!

7. I drop my soap in the shower and can’t get a grip of it, because it’s to slippery.

8. Someone leaves a loogie in the bathroom sink for me to clean up, surprise!

9. My hubby shows me 500 stupid videos a day and I mean really stupid and boring!

10. Tape is used to fix something on a airplane! SCARY