I hate it WHEN!

1. My iron cord doesn’t stay wrapped around the iron properly and becomes unraveled, annoying.

2, I’m watching a scary movie and a dumb woman falls down and gets, eaten, raped or killed, Why does it always have to be a woman.

3. I accidentally  jump on the bottom of a garden hoe and the other end hits me in the face~ unfortunately a true story!

4. My vacuum cord, like my iron cord unravels………..and also it sucks when the attachments come off while I’m vacuuming.

5. Kandi’s mom on the “Housewives of Atlanta” talks…………

6. I go to at least 10 different shoe stores for my diva dad and we’re still no closer to buying him a new pair of shoes………and we used shoehorns at every store! (old school) Google “shoehorn” if you don’t know!

7. My pedicure looks like crap after only a few days.

8. My DVR recorded what I thought was a new episode of one of my faves and it was actually an old episode:( boo hoo.

9. Everyone but me gets water all over the bathroom floor after their shower/bath and I have to clean it up.(because it doesn’t bother them, ahhh)

10. My firstborn child Peyton graduates from high school!!!!! Boo double hoo:((((