Wouldn’t it be funny?!

Back to school

The first day of school has unfortunately/fortunately begun. I like every awesome mother in the universe filled out a million sheets of paperwork, knowing no one will ever really look at them! I was tickled with some of the questions being asked, especially on the Limited English Proficiency Form (I understand its a screener, still funny all the same). I was so tempted to add extra stuff, examples of a few real questions with what I thought would be funny to write. I live in the U.S….

First language learned by student? Give me! Lol

Language you use most often speak with other students? Slang

Language student uses most often at home? Robotic

Language parents use most often at home? Martian-LOL

I believe another form asked;

What is your name? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

What do your friends call you? Asshole (calm down peeps, joke)

What is your nickname? Astro-NOT

What do your parents call you at home? Depends if they’re mad at me-sometimes numbskull….-I would never….ha….LOL.

at least this form gave me a good time.. Wouldn’t it be FUNNY?!