I HATE it when #48!

Licking Fingers

1. When someone puts a roll of toilet paper on backwards, toilet paper should be on top…I even change them in public restrooms.

2. Zippers are not fully zipped.

3.  Someone tags you in group message & you’re getting notification’s all day long, because you don’t want to seem rude by leaving the group-NO ONE in particular, I promise-just in general, Lol…

4. You only have one bite of your fave candy or dessert left & you drop it on the floor in public, so the 5 sec rule doesn’t apply, damnnnnn!

6. Someone doesn’t roll/fold or put a chip clip on a bag of chips or cereal.

7. You see someone on the down-low pick their nose & with the same hand/fingers reach into your shared chips or buffet pizza bar…No more chips/pizza for me please.

8. Peeps wear a swim suit~ they know they REALLY shouldn’t wear!

9. You’re in public & have a wedgie & can’t pick it…

10. Anyone licks their fingers at a table where I’m eating.