I HATE it when #45!

Hoarders1.I’m soo immune to watching “Hoarders” that I’m no longer shocked or grossed out by the maggots & animal feces on the persons stove…..

2.My hubby’s a numbskull & bought supplies to show us this really COOL you-tube trick & after three failed attempts–the kids asked him if he read the comments after the video to see if  it was a hoax!!!!! and it WAS, drrrrr

3. I received a pedicure and my legs are super raw/red afterwards.

4. I open a bottled water and half the bottle spills all over me before I’ve had my first sip, and I was very thirsty, & now have it on my shirt-right before church-CRAP, I mean HOLY crap!

5. I gave up candy & bubble gum for Lent (I’m a real adult) and on Easter-I wasn’t really interested…

6. My favorite T.V. shows have mid-season finales-since when did this become a thing???

7. They show the funniest part of a new movie in the preview, then when you see movie-it sucks because you’ve already laughed at the joke….

8. The boys on MTV’s “16 and pregnant” have nothing to do with the girlfriend they knocked up or the baby!

9.  I nag my hubby about being careful with his new watch and at that exact moment I bump my ring & a diamond flies out, so sad, yet so funny for him.

10. People tag a photo of me on Facebook & I look like CRAP!