I HATE it when #43


1. I come up with a brilliant idea after the fact.

2. I can’t get a lid off a jar or cap off a soda.

3.I squeeze the ketchup & it spews all over the place & makes that weird annoying noise.

4. Someone (kids) puts the empty butter container back in the fridge- nothing like dry toast.

5. My kids try it (Tamar Braxton) & actually drink out of a 2 litter Coke bottle.

6. Naughty ass kids.

7. People are stupid-just STUPID!

8. A new series comes on T.V. (Klondike) & my DVR is set up to tape it & runs out of space & deletes the entire show –all because I have 255 episodes of the Jefferson’s! (true story)

9. Other peeps face oil is on my iPhone.

10. Cooties;)