I HATE it when #40!

Halloween candy ... yum.
Halloween candy … yum. (Photo credit: CarrieLu)


1. I tug on the toilet paper in a public restroom & one microscopic piece breaks off at a time, all while hovering over the commode…..Gross

2. I have a dishwasher full of dirty dishes & find out I have NO dish tabs!

3. My Chihuahua “Riley” is outside basking in the sunlight & two extremely ogre sized German Shepherds run towards her, hubby to the rescue…….

4. My DVR records “11 min” preview episodes of “The Real Housewives” It’s a weekly show, I can wait the week for the hour-long episode, not life or death.

5. I finally watched BRAVE & it was just SO-SO!

6. My cellphone goes dead— daily.

7. My kids speak in #hashtags!

8. Hubby wants to go bike riding at the crack of DAWN–pun intended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. My new slippers make too much noise when walking. (aren’t they suppose to be quiet shoes for night-time use) NOT!

10. My kids get JANK candy on Halloween! They need to work harder next year…