I HATE it when #36



An inspection sticker from the Commonwealth of...
An inspection sticker from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. The drawer pulls on my kitchen cabinets are loose & no one fixes them, but me. Righty tighty lefty loosey:)

2. Both DVD players in my car don’t have sound, rendering them completely useless!

3. I have the sniffles in church & no kleenex on me.

4. I’m in a drive thru line & I hand them money & drop it in-between the window & my car. I’m so close to the little window with my car that I can’t open my door to go after the quarter–that has now rolled three cars behind me & fallen into a gutter .

5. My Inspection Sticker on my vehicle has expired & everyday I remind myself to do it, then forget. Hopefully a cop doesn’t motivate me the hard way!!! I’ll do it tomorrow, really I promise…lol

6. My dog chews through her collar.

7. I get a Blizzard from Dairy Queen & brilliantly decide to flip it upside down & totally spill it everywhere.

8. I wash a load of nothing in the washing machine. I added a tide pod & started the wash, just forgot to add clothes to it…. CUCKOO

9. I clean up before the mess is finished being made—-so then I clean up again, I need to be more patient or on medication…

10. My outside dogs poop on our concrete patio, when they have an entire yard at their disposal:(