I HATE it when #26

extension cord
extension cord (Photo credit: Judy **)


1. One of my neighbor’s mows the lawn before 7:00am!

2. I step in dog poop, not just step—-SLIP.

3. Pumping gas, I ALWAY’S go over the limit I set out to pump & usually by a penny–EVERYTIME! Like 40.01, 60.01, 80.01!

4. I’m mowing the lawn & run out of gas, with just one row left.

5. I’m weedeating the yard & the extension cord comes unplugged & I have to plug it back again –MORE THAN FIVE TIMES.

6. When drinking a new bottled water & the first bit of water drips all over me–‘every single time.” You would think I learned my lesson the last hundred times!  #HARDHEADED

7. When anyone tries to one-up me!

8. Someone else takes the credit for something someone else did.

9. A poem doesn’t rhyme.

10. My computer goes out at the start of this post!